NOTICE FOR GUESTS Confidentiality clause regarding disclosure of personal data Purposes, Methods of treatment Pursuant to current legislation on the protection of personal data (European regulation n.679 of 2016, we would like to inform our guests that the personal data supplied by you, or acquired through other sources will be treated as personal and confidential in accordance with the abovementioned Law  and our own Company policy. Your personal data will be dealt with confidentially, in respect of the law, safeguarding your privacy and your rights. The law allows the information to be retained for use in  secure conditions where there is no easy or abusive access or manipulation by third parties. Your personal data will be processed in part on magnetic disks through computer software and in part on paper for lawful use as set out below and can be put together with data of other individuals using  the criteria of quality, quantity and time which are reviewed and defined at intervals: (a)  the processed data is for use that is strictly connected to registration at the hotel, done at the moment of checking in or in advance when  pre-booked. In this case the data is essential for administrative purposes, both for internal accounting and taxes. Refusal to divulge personal data will make registration at the hotel impossible. The retention of data is for 10 years from the execution of the service. (b) The data is not for general circulation, but can be communicated to a third party for legal purposes, for the contract between hotel and guest according to the nature of the same, for example, the data is to be given to Public Authority in the exercise of its institutional functions, to the Police as per Article 109 of  DR 18/06/31 N°.773, which requires registration and communication of personal data of hotel guests, and their date of arrival to the Prefecture and Local Municipal Authorities. In these cases the law does allow the exercise of individual consensus.  (c) Furthermore, the data is processed for administrative (improving the quality of service), statistic, business and promotional  purposes, directly by the Hotel Ristorante Ariotto & C. Snc in its capacity as proprietor. The guest will not receive direct mail containing offers or advertising new services of the Hotel, unless expressly desired by the guest. Refusal to be on the hotel mailing list will not in any way affect the Hotel/guest relationship. 
Your rights as the interested party. Mr. Valerio Garrone ( is the person responsible for processing such data, being the legal representative of  Ristorante Ariotto & C. Snc, with offices at via E. Prato, 39 Terruggia (AL) I-15030 
As the interested party you have the right to  ask the person in charge: 1) whether or not your personal data was on record even before registration and that the information on record is correct,  the source it was taken from,  and the purpose for which it was processed. The request can be repeated, except in the case of justifiable motives, only at intervals of 90 (ninety) days. 2) To cancel, to change unauthorized data, to block data obtained illegally, including that which should not be kept on record in relation to the purposes for which the data was collected and processed. 3) Updating, correcting, and if the guest so desires, the incorporation of the data. 4) A certificate or statement that points mentioned in b) and c) above were brought to the notice of, for what regards their content, those whom the data was released to, except in those cases where such a declaration would require an effort disproportionate to the interested party’s right being protected.
Terruggia, 07/02/18                                                                       The Management